Databases and E-Business

Tasks and objectives

Modern IT infrastructure without databases can no longer be imagined. Almost every application processes it's own data records and utilizes one or even several databases. Databases are one of the indispensable resources that ensure the delivery of recent, dynamic and increasingly even multimedia based content. The lab Databases and E-Business targets database-related practical teaching and research, particulary in the area of E-Business and multimedia based content. 

Current projects

  • MI-Learning  
    is an online learning environment for the subjects software engineering, databases and computer networks. It is a reference project on and in Virtuelle Hochschule Baden-Württemberg
  • Virtual Computer Science Laboratory
    This application is an interactive web based environment for self-determined and explorative learning about central topics in the field of computer sciences. 
  • Media Database
    photos, sounds and videos on the internet
  • AudioDB
    sounds for studio production

 Offered theses and jobs

  • Implementation of e-learning lessons with Flash for the courses Software Engineering and Databases.
    New content (Texts, Quizzes, Exercises) will be integrated into an existing framework. 
  •  Kooperative Learning: Database development. This thesis targets the development of a Moodle based environment in which students can create a database from a requirement analysis. After every step each group can rate the others for improving their solutions and knowledge.
  • Virtual Computer Science Laboratory: Code and Coding. The result of this bachelor thesis should help learners to experience the meaning of codes and coding in computer science. Based on a practical example (e.g. flag icons) you should design and implement appealing content with Flash and ActionScript, including the possibility of correction for the learners. The result is to be integrated into the existing application Virtual Computer Science Laboratory. 
  • Video Database M+I: This thesis includes the design and the implementation of an Oracle based database in which we can store videos and animations produced in our faculty. Central elements are a flexible search function and the usage of varied meta data.