Media integration lab

Tasks and Objectives

Conception and creation of interactive multimedia applications for target platforms such as

  • WWW, stationary and mobile
  • Mobile Devices (Apps for smartphones and tablets) 
  • DVD, Blu-Ray Disc

Research and development in fields such as

  • cognitive effects of parallel reception of concurrently or alternately presented media content in multimedia-based contexts
  • application and effect of interactive multimedia-based content in the field of e-learning
  • advanced form of interactivity
  • contactless, gesture controlled input methods
  • interaction design
  • user interface design
  • usability
  • user experience design

Realisation of lectures, seminars, projects, exercises and tutorials in fields such as

  • media integration
  • multimedia production
  • computer graphics
  • digital design
  • print design and layout


StudioM - multifunctional room


The media integration studio is divided into three areas

  • a big multifuntional room (called StudioM)
  • a separate room for advanced projects in small group (called Production Suite)
  • an office and pool

The premises allow for the utilization of the multifuncional room (StudioM) for plenary sessions like lectures or workshops as well as for group works in seminar style and for individual exercises. 

At the same time advanced projects in small groups and research as well as development projects can be realised undisturbedly in the separate room (Production Suite).