Mobile communications and waves

Tasks and objectives

Mobile communications and the Internet merge together more and more and establish new applications and services. Important basic technologies for this are MIDlets/J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition), XML as well as the Android software platform. In research projects we explore the possibilities and limits as well as  new fields of application.

E-learning facilitates self-motivated learning that is independent of time and location - ideal conditions for best learning success. We analyse technologies for high quality interactive and mobile application (mobile leraning).

Head of Laboratory

Prof. Dr. Andreas Christ

Laboratory Assistant

    • Razia Sultana (M.Sc.)
    • Reinhard Echle (M.Eng.)
    • Simon Fey (M.Eng.) 



    • 2 x HP desktop PC’s
    • 5 x Dell Optiplex desktop PC‘s


    • 1 x IBM ( Xeon E5405, 10 GB RAM)
    • 1 x AMD (Opteron, 2GB RAM)


    • Operatin systems: Windows NT/XP, Linux
    • Netbeans, Eclipse, Visual Paradigm
    • HomeSite, Adobe PhotoShop/Illustrator

    Current projects


    • E-learning environment iSign (Internet based Simulation of Guided Wave Propagation)
    • Language learning game as mobile learning application
    • Research on system architecture for device independent applications for 3D imaging and virtual reality
    • Hybrid software architectures for mixed fixed / mobile communication networks for decentral distributed small-scale energy systems

    Offered theses

    On request.