Module guide

Medientechnik/Wirtschaft plus (MW-plus)

Media Design

Teaching Methods Lecture/Lab
Duration 1 Semester
SWS 4.0
Classes 60
Self-study / group work: 60
Workload 120
ECTS 4.0
Max. Participants 36
Recommended Semester 1. Semester
Frequency Every sem.


Type Vorlesung
Nr. M+I102
SWS 2.0
Lecture Content
  • Media analysis and media comparison, media components and Applications    
  • Communication via media and communication models    
  • Media and reception history    
  • Image, likeness and image languages, metaphors and sign systems    
  • Design element, composition, and image construction    
  • Type and Typography   
  • Layout, DTP and layout grid

Studio Computergrafik

Type Labor/Studio
Nr. M+I103
SWS 2.0
Lecture Content


  • Technical Introduction, overview of application softwareComputer graphics, image processing, DTP
  • Classification of digital media production; the interplay ofImage editing, vector graphics and DTP
  • Graphics and image editing for print and online media
  • Scanning and digital photography
  • Exercises for image retouching and assembly
  • Development of design grids, symbol languages, color control systems
  • Targeted layout development
  • Presentation of results for browser interface and print