Program content

Why should you study Corporate Security and IT Security?

To meet the needs of the 21st century it is necessary to have a holistic attitude towards security management with preparatory, preventive, recognizing and reactive security operations.

Therefore, there is a large market for experts, who hove both technical knowledge  for secure IT-operations and an economic view as well as management skills. Parts of their work could be company security assessments, the drafting of security policies, mechanisms for access control, backup and disaster recovery strategies and an IT incident management.
IT security experts need in-depth specialist knowledge to adapt to changing fields of tasks. Global networking, increasing international data exchange and the open nature of the Internet require appropriate security measures. In addition to skills for solving technical problems you will need to record awareness, group dynamics and process oriented realization to communicate it to a company's management or employees. Project management, controlling activities and legal certainty round off the profile.

Objectives and content orientation

This study program provides an education that is unique in Germany. IT security,  information technology and economics are three areas of competence merging in this practice oriented study program. It allows a holistic view on modern information and IT security. This program trains experts in information and IT security in a modern business environment.
The Bachelor' degree program Corporate and IT Security (UNITS) has seven semesters. It is a thorough training for safety measures in the context of management and operation of computer systems and networks, the transmission, storing and archiving of electronic data as well as information security processes of companies and administrations.

Core competencies

The students oft this study program will achieve the following competencies:

  • Solid foundation of technical and natural sciences
  • Well-grounded expertise in modern computer technology and informatics
  • Expertise in the field of iT security and new media in the age of the information and knowledge society
  • Economic thinking
  • Organization and communication in companies
  • Project management, human resources management
  • Conception, configuration and operation of secure computer networks supplemented by a knowledge of state of the art software-, computer- and communication technology
  • Practical skills of methodology and tools for the analysis of weaknesses for the development of secure IT-systems

The study program offers applied knowledge in manufacturer-independent and cross-product-based working in the field of data and process integrity, protective mechanisms and its integration into the compan's workflow. Your future professional career could be across all industries, which have security relevant tasks.
In addition to that the knowledge of the main aspects of technology, economies and law will be applied in practical exercises.
English as an additional technical terminology, personal development, improving social skills by practical group work in laboratories, practical projects and seminars are important elements during the whole training program.

Importance of IT security

In recent decades computer science has developed to a key technology and has become relevant in almost all areas of of economic and social life. Today most working processes are controlled electronically. In addition embracing mobility and economic activities across the globe became important principles of many companies. Sensitive information of new developments, contracts, appointments and customer data are stored digitally and are accessible over huge networks.
But not only economic life and networks became digitized and globalized, financial crimes did as well. Computer viruses and hacker infiltrations into corporate IT networks cause billions worth of damage every year. Industrial espionage is much easier today because data exchange via mobile data volumes is much faster than carrying files and boxes with documents.

The security of computer systems and data in digital information landscapes is increasingly becoming a problem. Security, prevention of unauthorized access and misuse of electronic money transactions, management of electronic documents and handling of personal data is of key interest for every company.