Program content

Raising your competence profile

To raise your competence profile within the main studies it is possible to set focus on the following knowledge sectors:

  • media economics
  • media design
  • media technology
  • media computer science

Nevertheless the interdisciplinary profile is guaranteed as the student has to cover at least three out of the four areas with a total of 13 modules to increase the depth of knowledge. It should be noted that a maximum of five modules can be chosen from one knowledge sector.

Combination of special and cross-disciplinary knowledge

On the one hand specialist skills one can acquire in this study program enable graduates to directly enter professional life. These skills are achieved by choosing one of the specialization fields above and by writing a project and bachelor thesis on a specific topic. On the other hand the program imparts cross-disciplinary knowledge on the other thematic areas as well.

The project thesis combines practical specialization within a concrete topic and the practical use of social skills which have been taught in theory. 
As part of the Bachelor thesis in the last semester special or interdisciplinary issues can be processed in form of a scientific work. 

Studios, laboratories and interdisciplinarity

The wide range of skills will ensure the student's ability to assume project and managerial responsibility within a company. There is a special focus on the practical application and deepening of the knowledge gained by working in labs and studios. This will ensure a combination of practicable know-how and the knowledge of the current state of scientific research. The interdisciplinary collaboration of the faculty members supports the profile of this study program.