Course of studies

First and second stage of studies

The Bachelor Media Technology / Economics plus consists of two semesters basic studies and five semesters main studies. At the end of each semester students will have to write exams to complete a course. The basic studies are completed with the interim grade certificate.



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Internship semester

The fifth semester is an internship semester and provides an opportunity to work in media companies and leading economic institutes.

Along with the many laboratories of this study program the internship semester increases orientation on practice. The courses of the modul "Unternehmenspraxis" (Company Practice) accompanies the internship. During this semester you may attend courses of the module 'Profilbildung' (profiling) as well.

Contact making and networking within the branch for entering the professional world or the bachelor thesis is an important part of the internship. 

Content and objectives:

With the help of specific projects you should get a first insights into the complex field of professional life in media companies and media business. The objective of this internship semester is to get to know the relationships between technical, organizational and economical questions. The internship semester deepens the theoretical knowledge and facilitates the entry into professional life. It paves the way for becoming a vocational school teacher.

For approval of the internship semester you have to take part in the accompanying courses.
The interim grade certificate is a condition for admission to the internship semester. For an exception of this rule you need the authorization of the chairman of the audit committee.
The training period should include at least 95 days of attendance.


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Bachelor thesis

The Bachelor thesis is the final bit of this study program.

It is possible to work on the thesis either at university or in a media company. 
The goal of the Bachelor thesis is to work independently on a specific problem or a conceptual design and realization of a media project using scientific methods.
Another part of the Bachelor thesis is a documentation of the work. This should cover all essential aspects of the work in accordance with scientific criteria.

It includes:

  • Table of contents and structuring
  • Bibliography
  • Register of illustrations
  • Classified index (if needed)
  • Glossary (if needed)
  • Summary and abstract

The Bachelor thesis will be supervised by a professor as first adviser. The second adviser can be a professor, too. It is also possible to have an external adviser from a media company. It is important that the second adviser at least has the educational attainment the student aspires to have (in this case Bachelor of Engineering).
How to find a topic for the Bachelor thesis:

  • The student can propose a topic to a professor (first adviser).
  • A professor provides a topic and is searching for a suitable student.
  • An external company provides a topic and is searching for a suitable student and a professor as first adviser.

The processing time for a Bachelor thesis is a maximum of four months. In special cases the processing time can be extended by 2 months, but only if a special application is approved by the chairman of the audit committee. Towards the end of the thesis students have to attend a colloquium to present the results.
Precondition for starting a Bachelor thesis is that both the project thesis and the internship semester have been successfully completed. 


To make sure that neccessary documents are available in time, those students who intend to continue immediately into a Master's degree program after finishing Bachelor degree should plan to finish the Bachelor thesis to the end of January or the end of July.