Program content

The faculty Media and Information (M+I) of the Untiversity of Applied Sciences Offenburg offers the Bachelor's degree program Media Technology / Economics plus (MW plus) since winter semester 2007/2008.
This polyvalent program with a major in media technology and a minor in economics gives the option to continue studying in the Master's degree program Vocational Education Media Technology / Economics with the goal of superior lectureship at a vocational school. Graduates may also enter the professional world and work in online agencies, in the field of marketing or in the field of media technology.
Thhis study program starts in winter semesters only. Closing date for applications is the 15th of july.


The study program Media Technology / Economics plus consists of two semester of basic studies and five semester of main studies. Each semester ends with written or oral exams. At the end of the basic studies students will get an interim certificate.

Practical relevance makes entry into professional life easier

During the fifth semester there is a practical phase which increases the focus on practice. This industrial internship should include media or engineering activities in relevant companies. It helps students to get to know possible future professional fields and to choose their preferred courses according to their goals. Relevant companies are e.g. publishing houses, media agencies or other companies of art and media technology, information technology or economic research institutes. 

Raising your competence profile

For gathering specialized knowledge students can focus on the fields of media technology and media computer science or industrial engineering and economics in the main studies. Another option opens up for Bachelor graduates by choosing to go on studying in the Master's degree program Vocational Education Media Technology / Economics. This enables them to start professional life as a vocational school teacher.


Im Rahmen des Hauptstudiums sind zur Schärfung des Kompetenzprofils des Studierenden Schwerpunktbildungen in den Bereichen Medientechnik und Medieninformatik sowie Wirtschaftingenieurwesen und Betriebswirtschaft möglich. Eine weitere Möglichkeit eröffnet sich den Bachelor-Absolventen durch die Wahl des Masterstudiengangs Berufliche Bildung Medientechnik/Wirtschaft. Dieser ermöglicht den Einstieg ins Berufsleben als Berufsschullehrer.

Practical phases in school

In the main studies students will have two practical phases. For three weeks per phase they will collect practical knowledge in schools. Here they can apply the knowledge they have acquired during studies. It also helps them to decide if they want to work as a teacher in the future. They will gain remarkable insight into vocational education system, into education planning, into school organisation and will attend and help to create lessons in various forms of schooling. The students will be coached by experienced teachers while gathering their first teaching experiences. Courses at the University Freiburg will accompany the practical phases.

Combination of specific knowledge and cross-sectional knowledge

During studies students will acquire a broad a range of expertise. Their individual focus during studies and the Bachelor thesis will ease the entry into professional world.
During the Bachelor thesis (seventh semester) the students work on specific or cross-sectional tasks in a scientific way.

Polyvalency and interdisciplinarty

Because of the interdisciplinary profile graduates are prepared for project and management responsibility in a company. This is one goal of this study program.
In this context, special emphasis will be on laboratory work to apply the gathered knowledge in a practical manner. Students will be able to provide practical and current state of the art solutions.

The interdisciplinary collaboration between teachers of the various degree programs as well as the cooperation of the University of Applied Science Offenburg and the University of Education Freiburg will ensure the profile of the student's study program.