Course of studies


This program covers two semesters of courses and one semester for the Master thesis. During the first and second semester you will attend interdisciplinary modules. You will have an economical, technical, artistic and information technology view on media topics. There will be a project thesis as well as seminars for your personal development and profile­ enhancing. The final degree is Master of Science (M.Sc.), which is internationally accepted.

Master thesis

This program is completed with the Master thesis. It is possible to work on the thesis either at university or in a media company.
The goal of the Master thesis is to work independently on a specific problem or a conceptual design and realization of a media project using scientific methods.
Also part of the Master thesis is a documentation of the work. This should cover all essential aspects of the work in accordance with scientific criteria.
It includes:

  • Table of contents and structuring
  • Bibliography
  • Register of illustrations
  • Classified index (if needed)
  • Glossary (if needed)
  • Summary and abstract

The Master thesis will be supervised by a professor as first adviser. The second adviser can be a professor, too. It is also possible to have an external adviser from a media company. It is important that the second adviser has at least the educational attainment the student aspires to have (in this case Master of Science).

How to find a topic for the Master thesis:

  • The student can propose a topic to a professor (first adviser).
  • A professor provides a topic and is searching for a suitable student.
  • An external company provides a topic and is searching for a suitable student and a professor as first adviser.

The processing time for a Master thesis is a maximum of six month. In special cases the processing time can be extended by 2 months, but only if an application is approved by the chairman of the audit committee.
You can start your Master thesis when 85% of the credits have been attained (excluding the  credits you will get for the Master thesis)

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