Communication and Media Engineering (CME)


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The internship can be registered, if 75 CPs are successfully passed

Lehrform Praktikum
Lernziele / Kompetenzen

The Module aims to provide students with meaningful work experience through an Internship Placement whilst also developing project management, report writing and a range of career management skills including CV writing, interview performance and presentation training.
The internship can last between one and three months and needs to be related to the field of study. It should give students the possibility to transfer his/her theoretical knowledge, acquired during the academic education into a practical working environment or a research institute. Since the internship is mentioned in the exam and study regulations, an exemption of the work permit („Arbeitserlaubnispflicht") for a maximum of three months is possible.

Dauer 1
Lehrveranstaltung 0 h
Selbststudium / Gruppenarbeit: 90 h ... 270 h
Workload 90 h ... 270 h
ECTS 9.0
Voraussetzungen für die Vergabe von LP

• The students shall early identify internship possibilities and shall apply independently. The professors and the career center of HS Offenburg are ready to support.
• A contract between employer and student needs to be signed.
• The Internship Office shall be informed on the internship. This shall be done by the application sheet.
• This application sheet shall be handed in together with a copy of the contract to examination office.
• Approval by the responsible head of Internship Office before the beginning of the internship.

Leistungspunkte Noten

3 ... 9 CP


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Pletschinger

Empf. Semester 3
Haeufigkeit jedes 2. Semester


Art Praktikum
Nr. EMI433

• The internship needs to be related to the field of study (Communication and/or Media Engineering) and should have a scientific approach.
• It is not required to follow one single topic (as e.g. in the Master Thesis).
• The internship can be executed in a company, a research institute, or within the HS Offenburg.
• The tasks of the internship shall be executed possibly independent under guidance from an experienced supervisor.


dependent on the individual topic