Communication and Media Engineering (CME)

Master Thesis

Empfohlene Vorkenntnisse

The master thesis can be registered, if 85% of the credits (excluding master thesis itself) are successfully passed.

Lehrform Wissenschaftl. Arbeit/Sem
Lernziele / Kompetenzen

The students master all aspects of scientific working and the handling of projects. This includes within a given time frame the acquisition and analysis of all relevant information required to execute the project, usually the acquisition or adaptation of equipment (here: the experimental set-up), setting-up a schedule (here: the target orientated planning and execution of the experimental investigations), the permanent assessment of the work progress and possibly correction of the plan (here: evaluation of the results and possibly change of the experimental program), as well as the written and oral presentation of the project. Within the final exam the students prove that they have a view on communication and media engineering as a whole, understand the general communication concepts and are capable to drill this down to practical applications.

Dauer 1
Lehrveranstaltung 0 h
Selbststudium / Gruppenarbeit: 900 h
Workload 900 h
ECTS 30.0
Leistungspunkte Noten

30 CP, grades 1.0  ... 5.0


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stephan Pletschinger

Empf. Semester 4
Haeufigkeit jedes Semester


Art Wissenschaftl. Arbeit/Seminar
Nr. VK444

• literature study, setting up experimental equipment, planning and running experiments, writing thesis
• presentation and final examination: presenting and defending the results of the above study, answering general questions around the CME program and its courses



dependent on the individual topic